Updates via e-mail

There are two types of buyers of HUD Homes in Central Indiana:  Owner-occupants and investors.  Each of these types of buyers are handled differently within their system.  We have diminished the focus on previews.   You can look over some of the older previews in order to see the types of homes that are available.  But the reality is that each week dozens of new and reduced priced listings come on the market.  The most efficient use of everybody’s time is to track all of those listings and see which ones are a good match for you.

For the owner-occupants, new listings come on the market on Fridays.  There are ten days to accomplish several things, including viewing homes, getting mortgage pre-qualification, getting a money order for earnest money and filling out pages of forms.

For the investor, there are a few hours after successful bids are posted online from owner-occupants, to review the remaining homes and accomplish all of the above.  Obviously an investor is going to take care of some of these items ahead of time.  For investors, HUD’s Happy Hour normally occurs on Monday afternoons.

Whether you are a propective owner-occupant or investor, you want to receive information about homes on the market.  We will send e-mail updates to buyers who are committed to using us as their agent in the purchase of a home.  To get the process started, go to our Indianapolis area HUD Updates website.


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