Opportunities in Indianapolis area HUD Homes

June 12, 2009

The month of June has brought many opportunities for buyers of Indianapolis area HUD Homes.  There are several homes built in the 1990’s and later with pretty amazing list prices.  One thing that is almost assured.  Most of these special values are going to sell quickly.  I doubt that the 10 year old home in Pike Township would last very long with a list price under $50,000.  Nor the 2 bedroom home built in 2003 priced at $40,000.  Same for the 5 year old 3 bedroom home in Lebanon under $110.  And the huge 6 bedroom home in Camby at $130?  Won’t be around long.

If you are a serious buyer, there are some serious values out there.  New listings come out weekly.  Serious buyers will take decisive action.  They will act like serious buyers.

HUD Homes - Indianapolis Area, Hamilton County and surrounding area

HUD Homes - Indianapolis Area, Hamilton County and surrounding area

They will get pre-qualified or pre-approved by their lender right from the start.  They will generally know what they are looking for.  And when they find it, they will act within the quick time frames established for HUD Homes.

I would like to match up some serious buyers with some serious values.  If you are ready to take action, please call my direct number at 317-709-2537.   Posted by Dan Rosenberger of the Real Estate Finders Team at Harvest Realty.


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June 5, 2009

This site specializes in Indianapolis foreclosures and HUD Homes.  Be aware that any homes featured in this site are but a tiny percentage of the homes that are available.  And of course many of the HUD Homes and foreclosures will sell very quickly.  So it is best to look at this site as a sampling of the types of homes that you can expect to find when looking at Central Indiana HUD Homes and foreclosures.  Some of these might have already sold.  But there are others, and there will be more listed every week.

PS – For convenience of our clients, we have a form packet with forms used to purchase a HUD Home in Indiana.  Click on the FORMS tab for more information.

New Indianapolis area HUD Listings June 5, 2009

June 5, 2009

As many know, HUD releases their new listings on Fridays.  Friday June 5 had some outstanding Indianapolis area homes listed.  There was a small 2 bedroom 900 sq. ft. home built in 2003 in Warren Twp. that had a list price of $40,000.  All the way to a huge 6 bedroom 3500 sq. ft. home built in 2002 in Camby listed at $130,000.  Any anywhere in between.

To get a list of homes in your area and price range, be sure to scroll down to the article about HUD Updates.  From there we can get you the information you need.  Or simply call 317-709-2537 and we can talk over some of the possibilities that might be a good match for you.

With low interest rates and attractive prices, you have huge buying power when looking at a home.  Many people prefer to buy much less home than what some chart says they can afford.  And then they can make extra payments to achieve the freedom of a paid-off mortgage more quickly than they dreamed possible.

The 1st Time Homebuyer Tax Credit is a huge plus for Central Indiana renters who want to become homeowners.  But that as now written only has a few more months before it vanishes.  And HUD Homes have their time limits, too.  When they are listed, bids are only considered during the first ten days from people who intend to occupy the HUD Home as their personal residence.