Boone County – Zionsville and Whitestown

In looking over the most recent HUD listings, I noticed something unusual.  There were four HUD Homes in Zionsville and two in Whitestown – all at the same time.  And these were all built in the 1990’s or later.  They vary from small ranches to a huge 5 bedroom home with a 3 car attached garage.  It is not uncommon to see an occasional HUD Home in Zionsville, but four at the same time is quite unusual.

Now as blog posts go, somebody will be reading this a few months from now and want to know if these homes are still available.  The answer is – probably not.  But HUD Homes can be a game of wait and pounce.  You wait for the right home to come up, and then you pounce on it.  Take a look at the new HUD listings every Friday and be ready to take action.  Patience is a virtue – and as some of my clients have found out, it can be a virtue that saves them some serious dollars.


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