HUD Listings as of 7/2/2010

As a service for the convenience our clients, we have prepared a list of HUD Homes in Central Indiana built 1985 and later.  This three page list is sorted in zip code order.  I think that you will find it to be a very useful tool in seeing what HUD Homes are available in Indianapolis and surrounding counties.  Remember that owner occupants get priority for bidding on new HUD Listings.

List of Selected Indianapolis Area HUD Homes

Why should somebody considering Indianapolis foreclosures also look at HUD Homes?

  1. Bidding priority for owner-occupants
  2. You bid by the deadline and get the result by the close of the next business day.  (No waiting and waiting like the banks make you do.)
  3. Property condition report is available for each listing.  You still should get a property inspection, but at least HUD does disclose what they are aware of.
  4. Banks like offers with no inspection contingency.  HUD encourages you to get an inspection.
  5. With HUD Homes, you know whether or not the home should qualify for FHA financing.
  6. Special incentives for owner-occupants, like closing costs paid and VERY low down payments.
  7. Banks like cash offers.  HUD does not give any priority to cash over normal people who get a mortgage to fund their home purchase.

For information about HUD Homes in Central Indiana, contact Dan Rosenberger at Harvest Realty.  You can reach him on his direct number: 317-709-2537


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