Indianapolis HUD Homes July 9th

There were 194 new HUD listings, price reductions or back on market homes on July 9 in Indiana.  That brings the total to 567 listings.  Many of the HUD Homes in the Indianapolis area are less than 20 years old.  You can get a copy of that list here, sorted in zip code order.  These homes are subject to prior sale.  Owner-occupants get bidding priority for the first ten days these homes are listed.  Only after that ten day period are bids from investors considered.  (Yes that can be a HUGE advantage for somebody who wants to purchase a HUD Home as their personal residence.  And owner-occupants can get into some of these homes with a VERY LOW down payment with participating lenders.

List of HUD Homes built 1990 or later in Indianapolis and surrounding areas

These lists are available for our clients.  We can also get you lists of older HUD Homes in Central Indiana.  Call for that list or just to get information about Indianapolis area HUD Homes and foreclosures.  You can reach Dan Rosenberger on his direct line at 317-709-2537.


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