HUD Forms – Why don’t they do it like you do it?

I was talking to an agent from another area.  His team had recently gotten a bid accepted for a client.  But he said that putting together the forms was a chore.  I told him to take a look at my website and click on FORMS.  All of the forms needed for Indiana HUD Home bidding are right there in one PDF file.  And there is a checklist showing the list of forms and the current dates for each form.

The section on FORMS is there for your convenience.  Don’t you love it when you put a bid on a home and the agent shoves page after page of forms for you to sign?  OK – go there now.  Print out the forms (a 14 page PDF file) and look them over.  You have time to review those forms in advance.

Now for the answer to my friend’s question.  I don’t know why they don’t forms the way I do.  My clients who buy Indianapolis HUD Homes get those forms in an easy one file format with a checklist.


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