New Indianapolis HUD Home list

The new list of Indianapolis HUD Homes (updated 7/23/2010) is now available.  What is usually three page list is a four page list today.  In the entire state of Indiana, there are 678 HUD Homes listed in all price ranges.  Typically that number is closer to 550 homes.

With more homes, that increases the likelihood that your bid could be accepted.  Of the 678 HUD Homes, 262 of them have a list date of 7/23.  By comparison, 228 have a list date of 7/16.

Because of changes anticipated in August, there is the possibility that HUD Homes might not be available for several weeks.  So now is the time to take advantage of this increased number of HUD Homes.

Here is the link to the updated list of Indianapolis area HUD Homes built 1990 and later:

List of Indianapolis HUD Homes (and surrounding counties) year built 1990 or later – Updated 7-23-2010

For more information about Indianapolis foreclosures and HUD Homes, call my direct number at 317-709-2537.


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