If you are an investor interested in a HUD Home, we will be preparing an investor packet soon.  This will describe the process as it applies to an investor.  Be aware that HUD offers priority on bidding for owner-occupants.  An investor can only bid as an owner-occupant if he or she truly intends to occupy the home as their personal residence.  We will not place any bids for an investor submitting a false owner-occupant bid.   (If you DO intend to occupy a HUD Home as a personal residence, there are some huge advantages.)

In addition to HUD Homes, there are other opportunities available.  At times builders will have special promotions that should be very attractive to investors.  Get on my list to be notified about these opportunities as they become available.

If you wish to get more information about opportunities for investors, you can either contact me or sign up to get more information at  Mention that you were at the website and ask to receive the investor packet as soon as it is available.  Make sure you can find this page easily.  Click on BOOKMARKS in Firefox or FAVORITES in Internet Explorer.

Dan Rosenberger, The Real Estate Finders Team, Harvest Realty  317-709-2537.  If I cannot get to your call, please be sure to leave a message.  I check my messages every few hours.


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