When looking at Indianapolis area foreclosures for investment or a personal residence, it would be a mistake to overlook the opportunities presented by Central Indiana HUD Homes.  These pages are presented by Dan Rosenberger of the Real Estate Finders Team at Harvest Realty to show potential buyers a sampling of some of HUD offerings.

The purpose is to inform and educate.  An informed buyer is one who can enter into a transaction with confidence.  We hope that his site achieves the objectives of providing you the buyer with information to understand the process.   Note that some of the homes on this site might no longer be available for sale.  We try to update it every few days.  But there will likely be other similar homes either available now or coming soon.

Come back to the site.  We hope to continue to improve it.  To be able to find this site easily in the future, there are two things you can do.  You can add it to your Bookmarks or Favorites, by clicking on Control +D.  If you found this page from a Google search you can press the little UP ARROW next to this page’s description on the Search results page.  (It might only appear if you are logged into Google or Gmail.)

Call to get more information about any of the homes shown here or any other currently listed HUD home.  I can supply you with a list of HUD Homes.  You can reach me at 317-709-2537.  If I am unable to get to your call right away, please be sure to leave a message.  I do want to help you find that right home at a great value.

IMPORTANT:  HUD properties are offered for sale to qualified purchasers without regard to the prospective purchaser’s race, color, religion, sex, disability, familial status, or national origin. HUD reserves the right to reject any and all offers or to withdraw a property prior to bid opening. Accuracy of information contained in this advertisement is not guaranteed. Properties may contain zoning and code violations as well as defects which could affect the purchaser’s health or safety. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to satisfy himself as to accurate information and property condition, including any possible zoning and code violations.


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